Legal stuff. 

  1. While I promise to do my utmost to present your skills and experience accurately, professionally and with integrity in my services including writing cover letters, resumes, selection criteria responses and online profiles so that you improve your chances of getting an interview from a recruiter reading your documentation or online profile, I cannot guarantee that you will automatically get an interview or job through documentation I develop for you. The future is simply outside my control.

  2. It is a serious thing to misrepresent your abilities, experience and knowledge. I will do all I can to accurately, truthfully reflect them in a strong light. Ultimately, though, it is your responsibility to review thoroughly and request changes to the documentation I develop for you to ensure it accurately reflects the type and level of your capabilities, characteristics and knowledge.

  3. My personalised interview coaching will be valuable to anyone who wants to practise for an upcoming interview, to fine-tune responses to hard questions, to practise remaining calm under pressure or to simply get advice. However, I cannot promise you will get a job from an interview that you sat where you used my coaching as preparation. Again, the future is outside my control.

  4. While I will work very hard with multiple editing steps in my workflow, I cannot 100% guarantee that there are no grammatical or spelling errors in your brand new resume. However, if you spot any errors, please let me know. I will happily correct your documents for you for free.

  5. I care for my customers, I really do. That's why I give complimentary on-going support (at my discretion) to my customers, typically checking on how they are going and giving pieces of advice that I've learned over the years. This support and advice does not guarantee you will get an interview or a job. Repeat with me: "the future is outside my control."

Too long, didn't read? Basically, I care, I work hard, but there's no guarantees that you'll get a job from just my efforts. I wish you the best of luck in your applications!